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Friday, August 14, 2015

Eco-Friendly Greetings: An Interview with Kathleen Rossi of Goldfield Arts

Hello, dear readers! 

Today I have an interview with Kathleen Rossi, graphic designer, artist, and owner of Goldfield Arts.  Her eco-friendly greeting cards combine wonderful vintage imagery, artistic designs and beautiful, embellished details to create greetings that inspire and delight. Please read on to learn more about her shop :)

What inspires you to create your cards and art?

 Art is my favorite channel for self expression. Goldfield Arts is a creative fusion of correspondence and art that combines a love of the handwritten letter, and my background in the field of graphic design.

 What music do you listen to when you are creating?

Some favorite artists of mine are Andrew Bird, Leon Bridges, Zero 7, Spoon, Amy Winehouse, Washed Out, Blood Orange, and phosphorescent. I'm an eclectic listener and some days I might only want to listen to David Bowie, John Lennon, The Smiths, or mixes from a certain decade. I'm really glad I have a spotify subscription to keep my ears happy!

What is you favorite style or theme of card to create?

My favorite style right now are the vintage inspired, and creative word play cards like "I love your magic", and "when nothing goes right, go left".

 Describe the very first card you created to sell?

The first card I ever created was a little pink silk screened card with little Chinese lanterns in brown ink. I made it at home on my gocco printer. I received a nice online response from what I was sharing on flickr and on my personal blog, so I started a little online shop selling silkscreened papers and jewelry on my (first) website

What sort of new products would you like to add to your shop in the future?

I would like to create a line of personalized invitations for weddings, and also help young designers learn the trade by teaching classes.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love going on adventures with my husband and our little cavalier King Charles spaniel. Sometimes we drive to see the Joshua trees in the desert or make our way up to the central coast of California.

Tell us how you chose your shop name?

My husband and I originally wanted to call our paper company: "YOU + ME". We quickly found out that name was already taken with one fell swoop of a google search. Then came the words "Gold Field", referring to a dreamlike field of wheat in my husbands hometown in Germany, where we took walks together as teenagers. (We added "Arts" at the end our name so that we could cover a broad spectrum of products, you never know we someday we might want to make purses!)

Where can we find your lovely greeting cards?

 Our cards are sold in various boutiques and bookstores, online at our website, and also through Etsy.

Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing your story!  Until next time, dear readers!  XOXO Cat

** All photos are the copyright of and property of Kathleen Rossi and Goldfield Arts.  They are used in this blog with her permission.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Making Each Day Sweet and Special: An Interview with Tuesday Freya of "Tuesdays & Fridays"

Hello, Dear Readers!  Today I have posted my interview with Tuesday Freya who owns the sweet and adorable shop "Tuesdays & Fridays on Etsy." Come and take a peek into her world where she makes every day a little special!

What inspires you to create your pieces?

My pieces are inspired by beautiful things and stories. This may sound odd to hear, but I "see" both our physical world and imagine fantastical realms, so I try to mix them up in my designs. I try to capture or mimic nature in most of my vintage/romantic pieces, like lockets and pendants. For book-related pieces, I add accents that remind of highlights in the stories to make them seem more "real".

 What are your favorite materials to work with?

Lace, canvas, paper, and/or paint! I mix and match materials in most of my designs, and so they are really unique to my shop. :)

 You have a lot of variety in the things you create. What is your favorite type of piece to create?

As a book lover before becoming an accessory designer, I love the book-related pieces most. If I don't know the requested book, I read it first, so I get to know other interesting stories. But I also like customizing pieces, like the camera flash drives and wedding locket sets. These are handmade and unique per order.

 Describe the very first piece you created to sell?

On maternity leave for our daughter, I made a set of pocket watch necklaces, accented with lace and charms. I posted them on facebook to show to my friends, and one by one the pieces were sold! I still kinda feel sentimental about those, because I usually choose items with special designs (see the VW necklace on my Etsy About page) for my personal collection. Then I thought to make new ones, sold them again, and so this shop was born. :)

 What sort of new products would you like to add to your shop in the future?

Too many that I really need to sit down and prioritize what to focus on next. For now I'll be working on new locket sets and filling up the other sections of the shop, such as earrings and bracelets.

  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Top of my list would be reading, with a warm mug of coffee in hand. But with my usually hectic schedule, I prefer just spending time with family at home, eating out, or taking short walks.

Tell us how you chose your shop name?

It's cliche, but the shop name is based on my own name. I figured it's easy enough to remember; everyone everywhere knows the days of the week. My second choice of shop name is a Filipino term for handmade, but then it would always need an explanation for international promotions.

Where can we find your creations?


Thank you Tuesday Freya for the interview!  Until next time, Dear Readers!  XOXO Cat

* All photos are the property of and copyright of Tuesday Freya of Tuesdays and Fridays and are used on the blog with her permission.

* Shop owners do NOT gift me items in consideration for an interview.  As always has been the case, these are fun interviews I choose to do with etsy sellers and etsy team mates for my own enjoyment, the enjoyment of readers, and to help promote etsy sellers and etsy team mates!  :)  XOXO Cat

Monday, July 20, 2015


Hello Lovelies! It's time for a special Giveaway! Minou Bazaar and Deep Midnight Perfumes have teamed up for a Goddess Giveaway! Enter to win this gorgeous Lakshmi necklace designed and created by Meenoo Mishra (with gorgeous Swarovski crystals and opalite) and a bottle of my new matching Perfume  "Milky Ocean" ( with notes of Lotus, Freesia, Sea Grass, Ocean and more). Contest runs from the 20th- 26th. You can enter at the link below. We are also having a special sale in each of our shops  enter code LAKSHMI15 at either shop for a 15% discount through the length of the contest. Only one coupon or discount is good per order! Thank you all and good luck!  
Love, Cat

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Monday, June 29, 2015

What is Geeky, Fun, and Very Useful? An Interview with Maria of Adopt a Pencil

Hello to all my lovely readers!  I had the pleasure of getting know Maria from adopt a pencil.  When I think of pencils, I think of school times from my childhood.  I remember the smell of  new wooden pencils that were freshly sharpened ready to take on the new school year. If only I could have had the opportunity to have these fun and geeky  pencils in hand while tackling 5th period Algebra!  It's never to early to start planning for school supplies or just office gifts to make writing fun!
Please read on to see why pencils rock!

What inspires you in life?
My family is my inspiration. They are the ones that make me push myself and reach for my dreams.

How did designer pencils become your choice to create?  

I love pencils of all kinds!! And I am a huge book nerd! It was actually my husband's idea to print on pencils. His family owns a cigar business and they stamp their own logo. Fascinating by his idea, I started stamping on pencils as a hobby. I would make pencils for my children's schools with the students and teachers names on them or make some for my friends baby shower. It became a huge hit, and more and more people started to request pencils; eventually providing an extra little income.

What is your favorite phrase for putting on pencils?  

My absolute favorite phrase for putting on a pencil has to be "Intellectual Badass". It is my comeback for people who love to call me a nerd. :) I always tell them, "I'm not a nerd, I am an intellectual badass". I think it describes me perfectly.  :)

If you could be any fantasy character, you would you be?

If I could be any fantasy character, I would love to be Hermione Granger. I grew up with Harry Potter and always wished as a child that I could be part of this magical world. Hermione has always been my favorite character with her smart remarks and her great wits.

What do you envision for the future of your business?
I envision for my business to grow over the years. It already has become more than a hobby, I can only go up from here on. Every time I get a sale overseas, I am thrilled. It is an amazing feeling to know your product is enjoyed worldwide.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to do crossfit in my spare time. It is another hobby of mine. Lately, it has been a bit difficult with a 3 month old baby, but my husband is a great supporter.:)


What music helps you get into the creative mode?

I always listen to Dido Radio on Pandora to get into my creative mode. The soothing music relaxes me and I travel to another world in my mind.

Where can we find your pencils?
You can find my pencils on:

Thank you so much, Maria for introducing us to your fun shop! 

Until next time, dear readers.....Love, Cat

* All photographs are the property of and copyright of Adopt a Pencil and are used with the permission of the owner.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Worlds of Wonder and Whimsy: An interview with Rachel Kupper of Fable Link Jewelry

Hello Dear Readers:

It had been a while since I have had a chance to take some time and interview other unique and interesting indie artists and I have missed being able to do that, but finally today I have an interview for you with the fun and talented  jewelry designer, Rachel Kupper, owner of Fable Link Jewelry.  Read on to learn about her lovely and sweet jewelry creations that embody a world of wonder and whimsy.
Rachel Kupper, owner and artisan: Fable Link Jewelry

What inspired you to become a jewelry designer?

When I was a kid I always used to love making things with my hands. I would make beaded jewelry and sell it to all the neighborhood kids. I would have to say though, that my real love for creating jewelry was discovered when I took a metals class in high school. I was hooked. I liked how there was so many different techniques and ways to manipulate metal and that the possibilities to create beautiful pieces of jewelry was endless. I had found my medium and knew that designing and creating jewelry was what I was meant to do.
Sterling Dragon Pendant

How do you begin your design process and what are your favorite materials?

My design process begins with whatever happens to pop in my head. Whether it be from nature, folklore, antique objects or just some random thought. Once I think of a design I will sketch it down right away. From there I will take a sheet of sterling silver and coat the surface with a layer of white water color paint. Then, I will put a piece of carbon paper over the metal and draw my design on top of the paper. It will leave a nice clean image. I will then lightly scribe over the image, so that if it gets smudged when I am cutting it with my jeweler's saw I will still be able to see the outline of my design. All of my material is sterling silver including the chains I use for my necklaces and bracelets down to the solder. I can also work in gold upon request.

Sterling Fox Necklace
Sterling Fox Necklace

You have a lot of wonderful whimsical, dreamy, fantasy themes in your pieces. What is your favorite theme to create around?

 That's hard to say, because I like fantasy as well as dreamy and whimsical themes. I find that I try to combine them a lot of the time to make it my own, but I would have to say in general the over all theme that I try to convey would be more of a whimsical theme.

Sterling Crow and Key Necklace

 Describe the very first piece you created?

 The very first piece I created other then when I was in school, was a fairy necklace with filigree soldered into the wings. It is the same fairy design I have in my shop.
Sterling Fairy Necklace

What piece of jewelry remains your favorite?

I would have to say the barn owl necklace with the lantern. I absolutely love barn owls (hence the logo :)).
Sterling Barn Owl with Lantern

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have two small children, so I am usually running around the house saying things like, "don't eat that, that's not food!" "Quit biting me!" And "do you need help wiping your butt?" So, when I do have some time to myself and I am not working on my jewelry or thinking of poems to go with new pieces, I like to indulge in a hot bath and get lost in a good fiction novel, and spending time with my hubby.
Sterling Earrings

What handmade possession do you treasure the most?

The fairy necklace, because it is the first piece of jewelry I made that drove me to start designing and creating my own jewelry.

Where can we find your jewelry?

My website for sales is on etsy:

Social Network sites:

I have also started doing art shows in North Carolina and I have signed up to do an art show in downtown Durham which is September 19th and 20th called CenterFest Arts Festival.

Rachel, thank you so much for sharing all the information about your whimsical and lovely jewelry! :)

Until next time, dear readers.....Love, Cat

PHOTOS: Are the property of and copyright of Rachel Kupper and Fable Link Jewelry, and are used with her permission.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fantastic Spring and Summer Giveaway with Laughing Vixen Lounge!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

An Interview with Ann Forseth of Romany Rapture

Hello, dear readers!  Today's interview is with Ann Forseth, clothing designer and owner of Romany Rapture:  Fun to wear, all handmade, luxurious and original Steampunk, Gothic and other Alternate History Fashion designs.  Her styles are elegant, sexy, and adorable, with many looks to choose from.  Come and read about Ann and her fantastic shop.

Ann Forseth of Romany Rapture

How did you become interested in designing clothing? 
First of all, a heartfelt Thank You to Cat for letting me share! XO 
As far back as I can remember I’ve been drawn to the exotic, colorful and highly decorated clothing of cultures and societies outside my realm and I really wanted to touch and wear them. Clothing and costumes are some of the most wide spread (world wide) forms of self expression. The cultural relevance of any sort of clothing style still intrigues me. I narrowed my focus starting in my teenage years when I began finding antique blouses, coats and dresses to buy. If they didn’t fit, I would alter them or adorn them with my own bits of found lace, ribbon, buttons, etc. When a purchased pattern wasn’t quite what I wanted my super seamstress mom would help me get it to where I envisioned it should be. That simple delight in seeing and then going on to make, (in my own way) interesting and creative clothing is probably the beginning of my interest in designing clothing from start to finish.
How long have you been designing ?

I’ve been at it about 18 years. The last 6 years more seriously.
What or who inspires your creations?
The shapes and movement of people I see every day are the most inspiring. Fabric speaks quite eloquently to me and can convince me rather quickly that I need to take it home and transform it into some other shape! I really love the Victorian and Baroque styles for the exuberant way textiles and trims were applied. So many layers and colors and textures, oh yes! The colors of India are another huge source of inspiration. I realize not everyone can be as enamored with color as I am but Indian fabric is so cheerful and utterly alive. Then there is the dark and secretive feel of black you can usually find in Gothic styles. Pure elegance there, I love it.

How do you begin your design process? 
Lots of thinking…letting my brain build something I can work with I guess. Sometimes the ideas present themselves fully formed. I then sketch out the various parts of the garment. I’m not very good at fashion illustration so I do drawings of parts rather than the whole. Then I dig around in my fabric collection to see which ones strike me as compatible, or… do I need to buy some? I love it when that happens!

Pic includes my model; Shannon Boxrz on the left, myself and author Nikki McCormack, who also has kindly modeled for me on occasion. Author Nikki McCormack
What are your favorite fabrics and or styles to work with?
I love woven fabrics. Natural fibers like silk, linen, and cotton are lovely to handle. Sometimes the fabric is so well behaved I just want to sing!! I’ll admit to my fabric addiction right now. Jackets are my most favorite garment to make. Things that are both fitted yet flow I like, also styles that allow me to add trim. I really like decorating the garments! So, Victorian, Steampunk, Gothic and my lifelong personal favorite style; Boho-Hippie-Fairy-Summer Girl.
Circus Punk Outfit   Model is Arika Thomas
What other interests and hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?
Sewing and designing can be very structured so my “off”time I find myself doing things with less structure. I still sew….goodies like freeform bags and voodoo dolls. I love my camera and it goes everywhere with me. Hiking, gardening, archery, dancing, painting, screen printing, reading are a few things I enjoy when I have time. Taking a class in something new is great fun, and stirs up the brain cells! I’m starting soon in a fashion photography class and I’m very patiently teaching myself to drum, a hand drum called a djembe.
What is your most treasured handmade possession?
An earring/bracelet set my daughter made for me, in greens and blues with a silver turtle charm. And a quilt my mom made when I was 13, in the brilliant colors she knew I loved so much.
Models are Shannon Boxrz and Nikki McCormack

Where can we find your lovely clothing designs?
You can find me on Etsy
Also on my website
other places I play…
Thank you so much, Ann!  Until next time dear readers! XOXO Cat