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Deep Midnight Perfumes

Monday, June 29, 2015

What is Geeky, Fun, and Very Useful? An Interview with Maria of Adopt a Pencil

Hello to all my lovely readers!  I had the pleasure of getting know Maria from adopt a pencil.  When I think of pencils, I think of school times from my childhood.  I remember the smell of  new wooden pencils that were freshly sharpened ready to take on the new school year. If only I could have had the opportunity to have these fun and geeky  pencils in hand while tackling 5th period Algebra!  It's never to early to start planning for school supplies or just office gifts to make writing fun!
Please read on to see why pencils rock!

What inspires you in life?
My family is my inspiration. They are the ones that make me push myself and reach for my dreams.

How did designer pencils become your choice to create?  

I love pencils of all kinds!! And I am a huge book nerd! It was actually my husband's idea to print on pencils. His family owns a cigar business and they stamp their own logo. Fascinating by his idea, I started stamping on pencils as a hobby. I would make pencils for my children's schools with the students and teachers names on them or make some for my friends baby shower. It became a huge hit, and more and more people started to request pencils; eventually providing an extra little income.

What is your favorite phrase for putting on pencils?  

My absolute favorite phrase for putting on a pencil has to be "Intellectual Badass". It is my comeback for people who love to call me a nerd. :) I always tell them, "I'm not a nerd, I am an intellectual badass". I think it describes me perfectly.  :)

If you could be any fantasy character, you would you be?

If I could be any fantasy character, I would love to be Hermione Granger. I grew up with Harry Potter and always wished as a child that I could be part of this magical world. Hermione has always been my favorite character with her smart remarks and her great wits.

What do you envision for the future of your business?
I envision for my business to grow over the years. It already has become more than a hobby, I can only go up from here on. Every time I get a sale overseas, I am thrilled. It is an amazing feeling to know your product is enjoyed worldwide.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to do crossfit in my spare time. It is another hobby of mine. Lately, it has been a bit difficult with a 3 month old baby, but my husband is a great supporter.:)


What music helps you get into the creative mode?

I always listen to Dido Radio on Pandora to get into my creative mode. The soothing music relaxes me and I travel to another world in my mind.

Where can we find your pencils?
You can find my pencils on:

Thank you so much, Maria for introducing us to your fun shop! 

Until next time, dear readers.....Love, Cat

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