Deep Midnight Perfumes

Deep Midnight Perfumes

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Making Each Day Sweet and Special: An Interview with Tuesday Freya of "Tuesdays & Fridays"

Hello, Dear Readers!  Today I have posted my interview with Tuesday Freya who owns the sweet and adorable shop "Tuesdays & Fridays on Etsy." Come and take a peek into her world where she makes every day a little special!

What inspires you to create your pieces?

My pieces are inspired by beautiful things and stories. This may sound odd to hear, but I "see" both our physical world and imagine fantastical realms, so I try to mix them up in my designs. I try to capture or mimic nature in most of my vintage/romantic pieces, like lockets and pendants. For book-related pieces, I add accents that remind of highlights in the stories to make them seem more "real".

 What are your favorite materials to work with?

Lace, canvas, paper, and/or paint! I mix and match materials in most of my designs, and so they are really unique to my shop. :)

 You have a lot of variety in the things you create. What is your favorite type of piece to create?

As a book lover before becoming an accessory designer, I love the book-related pieces most. If I don't know the requested book, I read it first, so I get to know other interesting stories. But I also like customizing pieces, like the camera flash drives and wedding locket sets. These are handmade and unique per order.

 Describe the very first piece you created to sell?

On maternity leave for our daughter, I made a set of pocket watch necklaces, accented with lace and charms. I posted them on facebook to show to my friends, and one by one the pieces were sold! I still kinda feel sentimental about those, because I usually choose items with special designs (see the VW necklace on my Etsy About page) for my personal collection. Then I thought to make new ones, sold them again, and so this shop was born. :)

 What sort of new products would you like to add to your shop in the future?

Too many that I really need to sit down and prioritize what to focus on next. For now I'll be working on new locket sets and filling up the other sections of the shop, such as earrings and bracelets.

  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Top of my list would be reading, with a warm mug of coffee in hand. But with my usually hectic schedule, I prefer just spending time with family at home, eating out, or taking short walks.

Tell us how you chose your shop name?

It's cliche, but the shop name is based on my own name. I figured it's easy enough to remember; everyone everywhere knows the days of the week. My second choice of shop name is a Filipino term for handmade, but then it would always need an explanation for international promotions.

Where can we find your creations?


Thank you Tuesday Freya for the interview!  Until next time, Dear Readers!  XOXO Cat

* All photos are the property of and copyright of Tuesday Freya of Tuesdays and Fridays and are used on the blog with her permission.

* Shop owners do NOT gift me items in consideration for an interview.  As always has been the case, these are fun interviews I choose to do with etsy sellers and etsy team mates for my own enjoyment, the enjoyment of readers, and to help promote etsy sellers and etsy team mates!  :)  XOXO Cat

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